Send in your Eyelashes for cars pictures

We are running a competition this week for everyone that has some “eyelashes for cars” on their car, truck, motorbike, lawn mower or what ever vehicle you happen to drive LOL.

Send us your EYELASHES FOR CARS Pictures and you will be entered into the competition. The winner will receive a FREE set of GOLD Car Eyelashes and some crystal diamond eyeliner.

Just send your picture to




Competition ends at midnight GMT Sunday 13th Dec



How to get a FREE set of Car eyelashes

Here we are offering you the chance to get yourself a free set of car eyelashes. How does it work? Well all you have to do is get a couple of friends to buy a set from you and when you order two sets from Eyelashes for cars (Europe) they will send you a third set of car lashes FREE of charge. That can save you US$ 31 or £19 or 22 Euros. The postage is the same for 3 sets as it is for one or two sets so take advantage of this offer while stocks last. They only have a limited supply of the FREE “Glow in the dark” eyelashes for cars.

BMW with Car Eyelashes


By the way, did you know you can spray car eyelashes any color you choose… ?

Just get hold of some Plastikote spray paint from most hardware suppliers or do an internet search for Plasti-kote Brilliant Metallic . But make sure you apply the double sided tape to the lashes before spraying or else the tape will just come off the spray paint while driving and you could lose your lashes. The tape is very strong and can last for years when applied directly to the polypropylene car eyelashes and the car headlight rim directly to the glass  headlight edge or the car paintwork.

There are many colors to choose from and you can even match the car eyelashes to the color of your car.

How can you get free eyelashes for cars?

Well is there a way to get FREE eyelashes for cars ? There is today as Eyelashes for cars (Europe) are running a very special offer. Simply purchase any two sets of car eyelashes from their web shop here and you will be sent a third set of GLOW IN THE DARK eyelashes for your car absolutely free. These amazing car lashes are easily transferred from car to car with the special fixing tape (just make sure you buy some extra tape when you get your lashes as normal double sided tape is not strong enough). Then when you sell your car you can take your car eyelashes off and re attach them to your new car.  Because genuine “eyelashes for cars” are made from pre molded polypropylene they never lose their shape and come pre curved with the special 3M attachment tape so all you have to do is stick them on and away you go.


Pink eyelashes for cars

Pink eyelashes for cars

Car eyelashes are all the craze in Asia

We have just returned from a trip to the far East and Car eyelashes are all the craze out there. They love to dress up their cars with all kinds of personalized items from Hello Kitty type dear rest covers, gear stick, steering wheel, back seat cushions and puppet things on the car aerials… Eyelashes for cars are obviously the next big thing for them and the interest was amazing.

Purchase eyelashes for my car ?

Here is another email from a customer

Re: I am very confused about which company to purchase eyelashes for my car. I was ready to order from Eyelashes4cars and then decided to do a bit more research. Saw your website and was rethinking who I would order from. I live in Texas, USA.

We responded by asking the customer to simply take a look at these two videos.


We know it is confusing looking at the pictures – so here are two videos so you can see the actual difference

Re : Eyelashes4cars – They have a totally different product and are actually selling the cheap flat (curl yourself lashes) see their instruction video on their site .

Now see EYELASHES FOR CARS instruction video here

Thank you for the info.
I will stay away from the cheaper ones after seeing many unhappy customers chatting on the internet.

Cheap Car Lashes vs Eyelashes for cars

Here we have great picture to show the massive difference between genuine Eyelashes for cars and the cheap car eyelashes available all over Amazon, Ebay and independent websites allover the internet.

This is the difference between genuine Eyelashes for cars and the Chinese version that Eyelashes4cars sell.

This is the difference between genuine Eyelashes for cars and the Cheap Chinese versions most people are selling

We have also been looking at the reviews on Amazon and they really speak for themselves as you can find out for yourself by going to AMAZON and clicking on some of the reviews.

Beware of the false reviews that a lot of the listings have as they obviously want people to think the cheap lashes are actually very good.

Here is a link to a good article that explains HOW TO SPOT A FAKE REVIEW on amazon or ebay.

You may be thinking well they are only $10 or so but for just a few dollars more you can get the real ones and they will last for years and years. The genuine eyelashes for cars are pre curved and very strong. They don’t bend back when driving at speed and always keep their beautiful curved shape. To transfer to another car, you simply buy some extra 3 m double sided tape so you can keep your beloved car eyelashes for your next ride.

Genuine Eyelashes for cars in the USA

We keep getting messages asking where you can buy the Genuine Eyelashes for cars in the USA!


There are so many cheap car lashes on the market that it is getting quite confusing for people to find the best and genuine Car eyelashes. Unfortunately, retailers and the big stores don’t stock them (yet) but as they become more and more popular the could quite easily end up on the shelf. At the current time the only place to buy the genuine EYELASHES for CARS is from the main company Although they are in the UK they ship to the US usually on 5 – 7 days and are far superior in quality to anything found in the US.

It is quite sad to see that the only other Car lashes available in the US are actually made in China. Some are the pre curved type but the majority are just made from thin PVC or Vinyl and flap around in the wind or when driving. They really are a joke and should only be seen as temporary lashes as they don’t last long at all. See the picture below and you will see that the genuine Eyelashes for cars are very even and all curved nice and neat. They don’t bend back when driving so are very safe for your car and paintwork. Yacht and boat models.

Tanya's Mini with real eyelashes for cars

Tanya’s Mini with real eyelashes for cars

Black Eyelashes for cars – Special Offer ended

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) are running a VERY Special Offer this week as a marketing test for their new light weight packaging that could reduce the shipping costs considerably. They are offering BLACK Eyelashes for cars for only £7.99 or US$13 (approximate conversion) Normal Price is US$26.50 + shipping

This offer ENDS on FRIDAY 24th Jan 2014 so BUY NOW to get this amazing deal


Black car eyelashes special price