Car eyelashes in Thailand and Asia

Car eyelashes seen in Asia

The strangest thing is to be driving around in another country and see your own products on cars going past. This happened to us twice in Thailand last month where we were on holiday.  Thailand is a huge place and we were in an area that was quite remote but still saw two cars with the black car lashes on.

We know the car eyelashes were from Eyelashes for cars (Europe) as they are a unique design and nothing like the US brand “Carlashes”. The ones we saw were most definitely from EFC (Europe) as they were holding their unique and perfect curved shape, even in the blazing hot sun. One set was on a 4 x 4 Ford dual cab truck and the other a white Nissan car. They also had the little ridges on the top side of the lashes that determine the main difference as does the width and length and amount of lashes per eyelash. If fact there are several very obvious differences including the fact that Eyelashes for cars are made in the UK (not China like Carlashes) from high quality polypropylene, pre curved and very very strong.

Probably the very best looking eyelashes for cars in the world.

!!!Nissan car eyelashes watermarked 009


Send in your Eyelashes for cars pictures

We are running a competition this week for everyone that has some “eyelashes for cars” on their car, truck, motorbike, lawn mower or what ever vehicle you happen to drive LOL.

Send us your EYELASHES FOR CARS Pictures and you will be entered into the competition. The winner will receive a FREE set of GOLD Car Eyelashes and some crystal diamond eyeliner.

Just send your picture to




Competition ends at midnight GMT Sunday 13th Dec


How can you get free eyelashes for cars?

Well is there a way to get FREE eyelashes for cars ? There is today as Eyelashes for cars (Europe) are running a very special offer. Simply purchase any two sets of car eyelashes from their web shop here and you will be sent a third set of GLOW IN THE DARK eyelashes for your car absolutely free. These amazing car lashes are easily transferred from car to car with the special fixing tape (just make sure you buy some extra tape when you get your lashes as normal double sided tape is not strong enough). Then when you sell your car you can take your car eyelashes off and re attach them to your new car.  Because genuine “eyelashes for cars” are made from pre molded polypropylene they never lose their shape and come pre curved with the special 3M attachment tape so all you have to do is stick them on and away you go.


Pink eyelashes for cars

Pink eyelashes for cars

BMW x 5 with Gold eyelashes

The latest picture we have is of a superb BMW x 5 with Gold eyelashes on. The gold and black go really well together and the style of the lashes is enhanced by the body shape and sleek lines on the X5 one of the biggest and prestige cars in the BMW range. It is strange how the BMW cars always look the best in all the pictures with the false eyelashes around the headlights. We have seen Mercedes and Audi’s and even Porsches in the prestige range of cars but even though they look really nice wearing the car lashes, the large 5 and 6 series BMW’s look by far the most sexy and appealing.

BMW X5 with Gold eyelashes for cars

BMW X5 with Gold eyelashes for cars

So what color do think would look best on this car?

Send us your comments and pictures if you have a car with lashes on.

Car Headlight Eyelashes

There has been a lot of press articles over the last couple of years about car headlight eyelashes and one company comes to the top every time for the best quality lashes available that fit nearly all car headlights and that is Eyelashes for cars (Europe) They are the main manufacturer of car eyelashes in Europe and have many stories and articles about them on blogs and forums around the world.

They have the most interesting design and the lashes simply attach to the edge of the headlight with the double sided attachment tape. Just peel and stick… but be careful as the tape is very sticky and once the lashes are attached they are very hard to re position. The special bonding process of the tape is what they can pressure bonding. What that means is that as the tape is pressed down, the active properties and chemicals in the tape actually mix and create a very strong bond. The car headlight eyelashes can be attached not only to glass or plastic headlights, but can also be bonded to the bonnet or paintwork around the headlights. Some cars have a plastic edge around the headlights and the lashes can be fitted under the plastic strip. It is recommended that the plastic strip be removed so as to be able to position the eyelashes properly around the lights and then press down hard to bond the lashes to the headlights, then re  fix the plastic rim.

Attaching the car eyelashes between rubber and headlight   Car eyelashes cleaning

To order the car headlight eyelashes click here

Fiat 500 car eyelashes

Free Eyelashes for cars eyeliner – Till 19 Nov

OMG …For 3 days only we are giving away FREE eyeliner (usually £10 or $15) with every set of car eyelashes sold… Just order any colour of Eyelashes for cars and you can choose to have Crystal Diamond or Exotic Pink eyeliner added to your order FREE.