White Car eyelashes Jeep

Black Lashes are OUT of STOCK

Just to advise, the black eyelashes for cars are now out of stock. 

We do still have some Pink and White lashes available but as the Eyelashes for cars website and company is being sold, we cannot say when the black lashes will be back in stock.



Eyelashes for cars ULTIMATE pack – Only £42

Eyelashes for cars ULTIMATE pack – Only £42

This is our best selling deal and includes

1 x Black set of Car eyelashes

1 x Pink set of Car eyelashes

1 x Exotic pink eyeliner

1 x Crystal diamond eyeliner

1 x set of spare tape for transferring to another car.

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) Ultimate Pack

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) Ultimate Pack

Car eyelashes in Thailand and Asia

Car eyelashes seen in Asia

The strangest thing is to be driving around in another country and see your own products on cars going past. This happened to us twice in Thailand last month where we were on holiday.  Thailand is a huge place and we were in an area that was quite remote but still saw two cars with the black car lashes on.

We know the car eyelashes were from Eyelashes for cars (Europe) as they are a unique design and nothing like the US brand “Carlashes”. The ones we saw were most definitely from EFC (Europe) as they were holding their unique and perfect curved shape, even in the blazing hot sun. One set was on a 4 x 4 Ford dual cab truck and the other a white Nissan car. They also had the little ridges on the top side of the lashes that determine the main difference as does the width and length and amount of lashes per eyelash. If fact there are several very obvious differences including the fact that Eyelashes for cars are made in the UK (not China like Carlashes) from high quality polypropylene, pre curved and very very strong.

Probably the very best looking eyelashes for cars in the world.

!!!Nissan car eyelashes watermarked 009

The 1971 Lamborghini Miura was the first car with Car Eyelashes

We are always getting comments and emails about what are the best lashes for my car and the simple answer we have to give every time is Eyelashes for cars are the same for every car. Even if you have round or square or oblong or whatever weird shaped headlights, you can 99% of the fit the lashes around the car headlight or you can fit on the edge of the bonnet. For pop up headlights you can attach them along the top edge which actually makes it look like the lights wink at people.

Pop up headights for car eyelashes

The best colour have always been Black Car Lashes for all cars but that I suppose is a personal preference as we sell just as many pink eyelashes for cars as black.

The Lamborghini miura was the first car with Car Eyelashes incorporated  in their design back in 1971 although there are some people who think they were the first to invent them and have tried to claim copyright !

Lamborghini miura


And then there are all the Disney movies with cars as individual characters and faces etc.


We also have people like Duc K. who had designed cars with headlight eyes many years ago



But the best car eyelashes have to be seen on real cars like the BMW X5 


Black car eyelashes the best

July is at an end and we are getting ready for the official launch and don’t forget ….

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) are also releasing a new version of their website and have included the Gold and Silver eyelashes into the shop so you can order them directly. Another change being made to all orders of the Black, Pink and White lashes is that they will now all be packaged with the special 3m fixing tape not attached to the eyelashes. This is because  the lashes are not always attached to the headlights. Some people want to attach them to the underside of the bonnet. In this situation the double sided tape must be fixed to the top edge of the lashes and not the underside.

Attaching to the underside of the hood

We are also getting a lot of customers sending messages saying how happy and pleased they are for finding our brand of car eyelashes made by – Eyelashes for cars (Europe). All have previously purchased a cheap set of lashes from ebay or some other website and realized very quickly how terrible they are and either they fell off or were taken off because they looked so bad.

So how can you tell if you are buying the cheapo lashes vs the genuine Eyelashes for cars?

The cheapo ones are very thin and arrive in a very flat envelope.

The genuine eyelashes are pre curved and cost a lot more to ship
They are over 100 grams in weight and are too curved to be sent as a normal large letter. They have to be sent by parcel post and the postage cost is £3 within the UK or $6.90 to the USA or Europe.

We now have an Ultimate Pack available which consists of

1 x PINK set of Car Eyelashes

1 x BLACK set of Car Eyelashes

1 x set of PINK Eyeliner

1 x set of DIAMOND Eyeliner

1 x Extra set of 3m double sided tape

FBUltimate pack

The Ultimate pack is also in the Buy one and get one free Special Offer on 16th Aug.

So if you purchase one ultimate pack – we will send you TWO ULTIMATE PACKS.


is only for 24hrs

on 16th Aug 2013

There is also another company who sell SHADE SAILS in THAILAND  that are very interesting. The sun sades and sun canopies are made in Thailand from very strong UV protected material.

Car eyelashes are not all the same

This is another happy customer that has obviously realized that not all car eyelashes are the same. Eyelashes for cars (Europe) manufacture the best quality car lashes in the world. They are made in the UK and are very strong and durable being made from injection molded polypropylene. As far as we know..

All the other car eyelashes on the market are made in China

and are very poor quality.

Genuine eyelashes for cars look like this

Photo: Gold eyelashes on a Peugeot 206


Translucent eyelashes for cars

Testimonial received today 10 Dec 2012

Thank you! I originally purchased the eyelashes from eyelashes4cars in the US and very was disappointed. I thought you were the same company. They sent these very cheap vinyl lashes that you have to curl yourself.  Thank you for the follow-up.

These are the very cheap vinyl lashes you have to curl yourself

car eyelashes from china

Eyelashes for your headlights give your car personality

Feel like your car lacks personality and originality? Then visit

www.transglobaldistributionnetwork.com where you can find headlight eyelashes for your car.  Eyelashes for Cars manufacture their product in the UK and act as the main wholesale supplier. Their eyelashes are available in a variety of colours including Black and Pink currently on special offer for £14.95 White, Silver and special glow in the dark lashes are also available for £19.95. Each set of eyelashes will last months, and possibly years as they are made from high quality polypropylene and can even be transferred from car to car.

Once you have placed your order the eyelashes will arrive within 3 working days if you live in the UK, 4 to 5 days if you live in Europe and 5- 15 days for the rest of the world. Fitting the eyelashes is easy. First, open your bonnet and clean both headlights. Eyelashes for Cars recommend using a cleaning strip to remove dirt and then dry the cleaned area with kitchen paper. This will ensure that you get a clean, dry and ultimately secure connection between eyelash and car. Once you have done this, peel off the double sided tape from the eyelash and press it firmly onto the top of the headlight. It is important to press firmly to activate the bonding process in the adhesive tape. Do not drive the car for 24 hours after fitting the eyelashes. Driving in the first 24 hours will cause wind to rush through the eyelashes, loosening the bond between lash and car.

All of Eyelashes for Cars eyelashes are easily detachable and can be reused multiple times. Please note that to reuse a set of lashes you must purchase extra double sided tape (available on the website). If eyelashes alone do not add enough bling to your car, why not add the car eyelashes eyeliner. Eyeliner strips are available in Exotic Pink or Crystal Diamond. They can be attached either above or below the eyelash.

Customers should be wary of the companies that offer the cheap Chinese copies of the car eyelashes. These are usually available for around £5 (US$5 – $10) on Ebay or Amazon. However, unlike Eyelashes for Cars products, which are constructed in a pre shaped injection mould, the Chinese produced eyelashes are made from very thin vinyl. Due to being made from mediocre materials, these eyelashes warp easily in the wind, from engine heat, or sun if you live in a particularly hot country. This causes them to droop and they loose the life that the genuine Eyelashes for Cars products maintain, even when travelling through wind at high speeds on the motorway.

Not only do Eyelashes for cars offer the premium option in car eyelashes, but they also have a generous 30 day money back guarantee. If you return an unused product within 30 days you are entitled to a full refund (minus postage costs) and can expect payment within 10 days of Eyelashes for Cars receiving the returned product.

Customers who have bought products from Eyelashes for cars have been extremely satisfied. Milkie, from the USA, said ‘I just received the eyelashes and they are great! I love them, it looks so amazing on my car. Thank you so much’. So don’t delay, visit www.transglobaldistributionnetwork.com for Eyelashes for Cars now!

Stunning new design of car lashes

Car eyelashes are now available at wholesale prices from Eyelashes for cars (Europe)

Motor Vehicle Accessory shops and independent websites can now order Eyelashes for cars and re brand to their own companies.

Available in PINK – BLACK – WHITE from stock

Other colours are available but the Minimum Order Quantity is 500 sets as we have to order 500 sets (1000 pieces)  to change the colour run.  Contact us for wholesale price list.