Eyelashes for cars ULTIMATE pack – Only £42

Eyelashes for cars ULTIMATE pack – Only £42

This is our best selling deal and includes

1 x Black set of Car eyelashes

1 x Pink set of Car eyelashes

1 x Exotic pink eyeliner

1 x Crystal diamond eyeliner

1 x set of spare tape for transferring to another car.

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) Ultimate Pack

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) Ultimate Pack


What color Car lashes for the Testarossa???

What color Car lashes?

Don Johnson – Are you kidding… ! Pink Car lashes on the Testarossa…

Sonny Crockett – Yeh man…  the pink is cool and make me look cooler…

Don Johnson – You are one sick son of a bitch Crockett, how can I drive the car with pink eyelashes on the car?

Sonny Crockett – man you are a bitch cos I am having the pink lashes OK…


How to get a FREE set of Car eyelashes

Here we are offering you the chance to get yourself a free set of car eyelashes. How does it work? Well all you have to do is get a couple of friends to buy a set from you and when you order two sets from Eyelashes for cars (Europe) they will send you a third set of car lashes FREE of charge. That can save you US$ 31 or £19 or 22 Euros. The postage is the same for 3 sets as it is for one or two sets so take advantage of this offer while stocks last. They only have a limited supply of the FREE “Glow in the dark” eyelashes for cars.

BMW with Car Eyelashes


By the way, did you know you can spray car eyelashes any color you choose… ?

Just get hold of some Plastikote spray paint from most hardware suppliers or do an internet search for Plasti-kote Brilliant Metallic . But make sure you apply the double sided tape to the lashes before spraying or else the tape will just come off the spray paint while driving and you could lose your lashes. The tape is very strong and can last for years when applied directly to the polypropylene car eyelashes and the car headlight rim directly to the glass  headlight edge or the car paintwork.

There are many colors to choose from and you can even match the car eyelashes to the color of your car.

How can you get free eyelashes for cars?

Well is there a way to get FREE eyelashes for cars ? There is today as Eyelashes for cars (Europe) are running a very special offer. Simply purchase any two sets of car eyelashes from their web shop here and you will be sent a third set of GLOW IN THE DARK eyelashes for your car absolutely free. These amazing car lashes are easily transferred from car to car with the special fixing tape (just make sure you buy some extra tape when you get your lashes as normal double sided tape is not strong enough). Then when you sell your car you can take your car eyelashes off and re attach them to your new car.  Because genuine “eyelashes for cars” are made from pre molded polypropylene they never lose their shape and come pre curved with the special 3M attachment tape so all you have to do is stick them on and away you go.


Pink eyelashes for cars

Pink eyelashes for cars

Car eyelashes are all the craze in Asia

We have just returned from a trip to the far East and Car eyelashes are all the craze out there. They love to dress up their cars with all kinds of personalized items from Hello Kitty type dear rest covers, gear stick, steering wheel, back seat cushions and puppet things on the car aerials… Eyelashes for cars are obviously the next big thing for them and the interest was amazing.

Ultimate pack of Car Eyelashes

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) have just introduced a new ULTIMATE pack for their loyal customers. The ultimate pack is for girls who either cannot decide what colour car lashes to choose and for the fashion queens that want to change to colour of the car eyelashes around their headlights depending on what car she is driving or what colour dress or sexy outfit she is wearing that day.

The pack includes

1 set of black eyelashes for cars

1 set of pink eyelashes for cars

1 set of exotic pink eyeliner

1 set of crystal diamond eyeliner 

1 set of extra 3m double sided tape for when you want to transfer the lashes to a different car. 

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) Ultimate Pack

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) Ultimate Pack

The lashes are not to be taken on and off the car frequently as the double sided tape is very strong and each time the lashes are taken off the car, you will need to obtain some more fixing tape. The tape used is a very special 3m brand and over 20 other tapes were tested before deciding to use the one that comes with Eyelashes for cars (Europe)

To take the lashes off a car, you need to pull quite firmly and they will come off. The tape residue left on the car can be removed with a hairdryer with a typical alcohol based solvent or a hairdryer can also be used. Heat the tape and the process of removing it becomes much easier. Obviously, removing the eyelashes from around the headlights is not something you should do frequently as you will need to purchase the special tape each time. It is not advised to use any other tape as the lashes will most likely fly off as soon as you hit the motorway or it rains.

The 3m tape used is designed as a pressure activated strong bonding process and when installing onto a car you need to be very careful lining up the lash onto the edge of the headlight. Once the tape touches the paintwork or the edge of the headlight, it is very sticky and cannot be re positioned if you press the tape and lash to make the bond. better to practice first by keeping the white backing tape on the eyelashes and finding the best position.

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) are based in the UK and ship all over the world.

BMW x 5 with Gold eyelashes

The latest picture we have is of a superb BMW x 5 with Gold eyelashes on. The gold and black go really well together and the style of the lashes is enhanced by the body shape and sleek lines on the X5 one of the biggest and prestige cars in the BMW range. It is strange how the BMW cars always look the best in all the pictures with the false eyelashes around the headlights. We have seen Mercedes and Audi’s and even Porsches in the prestige range of cars but even though they look really nice wearing the car lashes, the large 5 and 6 series BMW’s look by far the most sexy and appealing.

BMW X5 with Gold eyelashes for cars

BMW X5 with Gold eyelashes for cars

So what color do think would look best on this car?

Send us your comments and pictures if you have a car with lashes on.

Car Headlight Eyelashes

There has been a lot of press articles over the last couple of years about car headlight eyelashes and one company comes to the top every time for the best quality lashes available that fit nearly all car headlights and that is Eyelashes for cars (Europe) They are the main manufacturer of car eyelashes in Europe and have many stories and articles about them on blogs and forums around the world.

They have the most interesting design and the lashes simply attach to the edge of the headlight with the double sided attachment tape. Just peel and stick… but be careful as the tape is very sticky and once the lashes are attached they are very hard to re position. The special bonding process of the tape is what they can pressure bonding. What that means is that as the tape is pressed down, the active properties and chemicals in the tape actually mix and create a very strong bond. The car headlight eyelashes can be attached not only to glass or plastic headlights, but can also be bonded to the bonnet or paintwork around the headlights. Some cars have a plastic edge around the headlights and the lashes can be fitted under the plastic strip. It is recommended that the plastic strip be removed so as to be able to position the eyelashes properly around the lights and then press down hard to bond the lashes to the headlights, then re  fix the plastic rim.

Attaching the car eyelashes between rubber and headlight   Car eyelashes cleaning

To order the car headlight eyelashes click here

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