What color Car lashes for the Testarossa???

What color Car lashes?

Don Johnson – Are you kidding… ! Pink Car lashes on the Testarossa…

Sonny Crockett – Yeh man…  the pink is cool and make me look cooler…

Don Johnson – You are one sick son of a bitch Crockett, how can I drive the car with pink eyelashes on the car?

Sonny Crockett – man you are a bitch cos I am having the pink lashes OK…



Send in your Eyelashes for cars pictures

We are running a competition this week for everyone that has some “eyelashes for cars” on their car, truck, motorbike, lawn mower or what ever vehicle you happen to drive LOL.

Send us your EYELASHES FOR CARS Pictures and you will be entered into the competition. The winner will receive a FREE set of GOLD Car Eyelashes and some crystal diamond eyeliner.

Just send your picture to info@eyelashes-for-cars.com




Competition ends at midnight GMT Sunday 13th Dec


How can you get free eyelashes for cars?

Well is there a way to get FREE eyelashes for cars ? There is today as Eyelashes for cars (Europe) are running a very special offer. Simply purchase any two sets of car eyelashes from their web shop here and you will be sent a third set of GLOW IN THE DARK eyelashes for your car absolutely free. These amazing car lashes are easily transferred from car to car with the special fixing tape (just make sure you buy some extra tape when you get your lashes as normal double sided tape is not strong enough). Then when you sell your car you can take your car eyelashes off and re attach them to your new car.  Because genuine “eyelashes for cars” are made from pre molded polypropylene they never lose their shape and come pre curved with the special 3M attachment tape so all you have to do is stick them on and away you go.


Pink eyelashes for cars

Pink eyelashes for cars

The 1971 Lamborghini Miura was the first car with Car Eyelashes

We are always getting comments and emails about what are the best lashes for my car and the simple answer we have to give every time is Eyelashes for cars are the same for every car. Even if you have round or square or oblong or whatever weird shaped headlights, you can 99% of the fit the lashes around the car headlight or you can fit on the edge of the bonnet. For pop up headlights you can attach them along the top edge which actually makes it look like the lights wink at people.

Pop up headights for car eyelashes

The best colour have always been Black Car Lashes for all cars but that I suppose is a personal preference as we sell just as many pink eyelashes for cars as black.

The Lamborghini miura was the first car with Car Eyelashes incorporated  in their design back in 1971 although there are some people who think they were the first to invent them and have tried to claim copyright !

Lamborghini miura


And then there are all the Disney movies with cars as individual characters and faces etc.


We also have people like Duc K. who had designed cars with headlight eyes many years ago



But the best car eyelashes have to be seen on real cars like the BMW X5 


Interesting deals on car lashes

There are many interesting deals for car eyelashes in the market. The best deals are from the main websites that only specialize in selling the best and most sought after pre curved and injection moulded eyelashes for cars .

Car eyelashes Volvo 1

There are lots available on ebay and amazon but 99% of them are the very cheap and thin car lashes you have to curl yourself and they usually fall off after a week or so.

If you are lucky enough to have them still hanging on to your car they will be drooping down and looking like a very bad hairday to say the least.

car eyelashes from china After 50mph drive... eyelashes !!!



Only the car lashes made in the UK by Eyelashes for cars (Europe) can be transferred from car to car and still look like new after months and months. The lashes can be ordered via their website here. www.eyelashes-for-cars.com

There is also a facebook page www.facebook.com/eyelashesforcars that has lots of pictures and updates and even competitions where you can sometimes win a set of white car eyelashes. The companies that sell gold and silver lashes are few and far between and as for the green, purple and yellow lashes we have seen…. well, who in their right mind would want colours like that?  It takes all kinds of people to make a world and if we were all the same with the same tastes etc. it would be so incredibly boring.


Free Eyelashes for cars eyeliner – Till 19 Nov

OMG …For 3 days only we are giving away FREE eyeliner (usually £10 or $15) with every set of car eyelashes sold… Just order any colour of Eyelashes for cars and you can choose to have Crystal Diamond or Exotic Pink eyeliner added to your order FREE.  www.transglobaldistributionnetwork.com



Car lashes at wholesale prices for shops and dealers

We have now started a special wholesale website specifically for people who want to start their own car eyelashes business from home or for the people that already have their own website and may want to add eyelashes for car headlights as another product line. The wholesale website has bulk buying prices ranging from small orders of 10 sets, up to the large consignments of hundreds of sets for the more serious car accessory suppliers and shops.

You may have an online shop or maybe simply a girlie fashion accessory website. Either way we have the products that can enhance your business. The shipping varies from country to country and although we have included the shipping cost for certain orders to the UK or internationally to USA and even Australia, it is always advisable to email us and ask for a custom quote for your order.

Eyelashes for cars 0004

We can supply the Black, Pink, White, Silver and Glow in the dark eyelashes from stock. All other colours need to be ordered with a 2 week lead time and a minimum order quantity of 500 sets (1000 pieces). The special double sided attachment tape comes separately and can either be attached to the car eyelashes before sending to the customers or you could send them in the pack with the car lashes for the customer to attach themselves.

We always attach the tape before shipping as we do not want the customer to “mess it up” as the tape is expensive and if they don’t attach the tape correctly, they will need to order more tape and not be happy customers. The wholesale website can be accessed here at